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Wilson-Brothers.Com is your largest and longest running fansite for the Wilson Brothers. This site will bring you all the latest news on Luke, Owen and Andrew Wilson aswell as background information and a large image gallery. We welcome you to get involved by commenting. If you have any questions please contact us ~ Karen-Elizabeth

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Candids Policy

As of June 2011 this site will no longer be posting candid images of Owen, Luke or Andrew as we believe that they deserve the right to some privacy. All candids currently in the gallery will remain, they will just no longer be added to. We hope that you understand our decision and support celebrities in maintaining their privacy against unwanted and often intrusive paparazzi whenever possible.

Image Gallery

Our Image gallery currently has over 800 images and continuing to grow. You can visit now by clicking on the image above.

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Wilson Brothers Gets a ReVamp

Well looks like this has been a long time coming. This site has been on the adoption list for ages and I had been tempted many times, but finally now I felt I have the time this site needs, and there is a lot of updating to get done. First the new layout is up and I hope you like it, there are a lot of small changes I still need to make but hopefully should get most of it done in one day and then the actual news updates can begin. Thanks to all those who have stuck with us and are still coming back, I promise this site will be back up to date and the best Wilson brothers resource on the web!

By karen-elizabeth • July 24, 2011 • site • Comments: 2

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Glad to see something going on around here, many of the other Wilson sites have gone stagnant. =)

Thanks :) was so sad seeing this site just sitting there, but we’re back and better than ever hopefully lol